Baltic Banking Service became a member of INFOBALT association

Baltic Banking Service became a member of INFOBALT association

Since 2019 April Baltic Banking Service became a member of INFOBALT association. INFOBALT is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Association, which aims to create the best conditions for the development and export of the ICT market.

Baltic Banking Service, a wholly owned subsidiary of iSignthis Ltd, provides API based access to SEPA payments (SEPA Instant and SEPA Credit scheme) for Banks, Challenger Banks, Credit Unions, Electronic Money Institutions and provides a bridge to the Central Bank of Lithuania CENTROLink service.

INFOBALT associaction director Paulius Vertelka and UAB BALTIC BANKING SERVICE director Raimundas Mačiulevičius

Company director Raimundas Mačiulevičius, who is founder & CEO since 2011, was happy about the new phases of company development: „Since 2019 February 14 company was acquired by Australia company. This is a great step for BBS as it allows us to “export“ Lithuanian FinTech “know-how” to a wider markets and attract companies to join CENTROlink system. By becoming a member of the INFOBALT association we are looking to growth our network with Lithuanian FinTechs and together solve the technological issues for financial service providers. We will share our knowledge. We believe, that essential development of the company, which is planned and works well, will let us to be useful members of the INFOBALT association and together with other market players to form attractiveness of Lithuania market for the licensed financial serviced providers.