NRD Cyber Security is a cybersecurity technology consulting, incident response and applied research company. The company focuses on services for specialized public service providers (law enforcement, national CERTs, telecoms, national communication regulators, national critical infrastructure), the finance industry and corporations with high data sensitivity.

NRD Cyber Security roots go back to 2008 when Baltic Amadeus Infrastructure Services (now - BAIP) started developing cyber security expertise.  As a separate company NRD Cyber Security was established in 2013.

NRD Cyber Security is a facilitator of Norway Registers Development AS mission to create a secure digital environment for states, governments, corporations and citizens. In addition to specialized services, NRD Cyber Security through its own CIRT provides cyber security consulting, performs security audits as well as compliance and risk assessments, validates and promotes Critical Controls implementations, designs and implements technologies for cybersecurity defence and information system security, and provides training for corporate information security departments.

NRD Cyber Security is controlled by INVL Technology, UTIB - Nasdaq Vilnius listed closed-end investment in IT businesses company. INVL Technology managed companies operate as a cluster and implement joint projects in more than 50 countries worldwide.